Amitec Oy, from Laitila Finland, has received a six million euro prosess piping project to an Algerian company Eurl Saterex.

Eurl Saterex is building a new tyre manufacturing plant in Setif, Algeria and they have selected Amitec as the supplier for the utilities systems.

Amitec will supply compressed air-, steam-, water-, cooling- and cold water systems

This is the largest single export process piping project for Amitec.

Amitec’s strenghts are experience, knowhow in large and demanding projects and quality, which Amitec supports with inhouse project management system. We are happy to work together with Amitec team in this demanding project“, says the owner of Eurl Saterex, Yacine Guidoum.

For Amitec this project is important as it shows that the company is a serious partner in process piping projects also internationally.

This contract supports our international strategy and we will increase our commercial efforts for similar projects elsewhere“, says Harri Mononen, Managing Director of Amitec.

Project is a turn-key solution. It will be completed in August 2018. Forty people will work in Algeria and five people in Finland as support and procurement team.

Amitec is a Finnish technology company, who supports their customers to improve efficiency by supplying tailored products and services. Our core competences are process piping and material handling systems from stainless steel and machines and services for hygienically demanding requirements.

Amitec employs 235 staff in total. Amitec has offices in Laitila, Järvenpää, Kauhajoki, Lahti, Tarto (Estonia) and Tallinn (Estonia)


More information:

Managing Director Harri Mononen tel +358 40 300 2250

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Amitec is a family owned company with head office in Laitila and branches in Järvenpää and Kauhajoki.  Amitec employs 180 permanent staff and main areas of business are process piping- and material handling solutions together with service and maintenance.

Formeca is a known supplier of material handling machines and systems for packaging any product in corrugated board. Company employs 21 staff in Lahti.

The Formeca staff will transfer to the new ownership. To strengthen the support to its customers, Stora Enso will retain a few employees from Formeca. Stora Enso will continue as a reseller of the Formeca machines and systems as part of their service to its corrugated board customers.

This transaction strengthens Amitec’s strong presence as Material Handling –solutions supplier and we are excited with our new co-operation with Stora Enso, the strongest player in corrugated board business”, says Harri Mononen, Managing director of Amitec. “We see great potential in improving and complementing Formeca’s product range and developing the already great machines even further. Amitec is a very proud new owner of Formeca.

Supported by Amitec’s dedicated competence in this field, Stora Enso will be able to serve customers even more effectively. In addition, Amitec has the necessary strength to further develop Formeca and ensure its business progress,” says Peter Torstensson, SVP and Head of Corrugated Nordics, Division Packaging Solutions,” says Peter Torstensson, SVP and Head of Corrugated Nordics, Division Packaging Solutions.

Additional information can be attained from:
Harri Mononen, Managing Director
+35840 300 2250

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The user panel is the connection between the human and the system

The operator of the machine communicates with his equipment through the user panel. The visible software on the screen enables him to control the system. At the same time the panel informs the operator, how the machine is doing: if something is wrong or, if human interference is needed, how the production flows: how much is done, how much still left to do, and so on.

The role of the user panel is crucial, when the user experience is created. The operator’s knowledge of the machine and the relationship to it relies mainly on the user panel design and usability. This image also has an influence on the image the operator gets from the machine supplier. The image can also be unwanted – a good user panel is not able to improve a bad machine, but a bad user panel is able to deteriorate a good one.

A user facing a problem does not typically bother to seek for a solution in a manual. Too often, the user tries to solve the problem through seeking and failing. Even a good user interphase cannot prevent this from happening. Therefore becoming properly acquainted with instructions cannot be underestimated.  Good design – clear and logical user panel – makes easy to understand the system and its control. A training organized by the supplier is essential, especially in case of a large and complicated system.

From a manufacturer’s point of view, it is a necessity, besides the features of the equipment, to create a clear connection between the machine and its operator. At the same time, clear and easy instructions are essential. An investment in these simultaneously is an investment in a positive user experience and improved image of the machine and its capability. When successfully done, it also improves the image of the supplier.

Developing a good user panel is a never-ending task because the overall technological development always means new possibilities to improve the user interface. The day-to-day technology creates new standards and expectations towards a user panel and its logic. I just wonder when it will be possible to control a machine with the power of a thought?

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Gasum Tekniikka and Amitec have signed a co-operation contract covering the maintenance of future gas filling stations in Turku area as well as the maintenance of  Gasum’s biogas plants in Western Finland.

The aim of the co-operation contract is to guarantee comprehensive maintenance services for Gasum. In addition, Amitec strengthens Gasum’s emergency duty functions in Turku area.

We require high quality and comprehensive service to ensure a disturbance-free use of the filling stations. We were convinced of the efficiency of Amitec operations. Their certified quality system guarantees the demanding usage and maintenance functions of Gasum”, states Ilkka Taka-aho, production manager.

Gasum Tekniikka Oy
Ilkka Taka-aho
Production Manager
Puh. 0400 714 398

Amitec Oy
Managing Director Harri Mononen
Puh. 040 300 250

Gasum is a Finnish expert in natural energy gases (natural gas and biogas) that wants to build a bridge towards a carbon neutral society both on land and seas.  It imports natural gas to Finland, upgrades biogas, and transmits and delivers these for a broad range of uses in energy production, industry, homes, and land and maritime transport. The Gasum Group employs ca. 300 persons in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Its turnover in 2015 was 915 M€. www.gasum.fi

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User experience is most often discussed when comparing smartphones and their features and how they differ from each other. With usability we mean the easiness and effectiveness of using a device, software or a service. Adding the feeling of how enjoyable its use is brings us nearer to user experience. How about user experience in industrial production? Efficiency is always sought after, but is the user experience worth aiming at as well?

Industrial production machinery consists of equipment that always are long-term investments. The production must continue as uninterrupted as possible and anticipatory scheduled maintenance should therefore require minimum amount of standstill and personnel resources. High quality components are used to maximize operational reliability and to prevent repairs and production losses. And user experience? Any room for that?

We think there is. We always design the operating systems and their user interfaces listening to the needs of the users. In industrial context, however, the user experience also includes observing the tiniest details that make the users work easier. Like for instance if the welding seams are marked, x-rayed and their dates documented or not. Or, especially in food industry, how effortless it is to wash and clean the equipment and how easy it is to register these procedures. And even further, how easily the information about maintenance measures can be found.

We always offer an extranet solution as a part of the delivery of equipment. We make sure all information in it is up-dated. It is therefore easy for the customer to check in real time, for example who is on-site and that their licenses for hygiene and hot work are valid. As the installation project proceeds, the progression can easily be detected and the working hour reports accepted.

We feel that our work that is done in customers’ premises should cause as little disturbance and be as convenient as possible. That’s why we utilize preassembling whenever feasible. Another example is orbital welding. It is applied to guarantee factory-like and stable welding quality. Not to produce over-quality, but to ensure operational quality.

We want our customers to be able to work efficiently and without interruptions. But we want also the equipment we have delivered to generate positive feelings towards them during their use. If everything goes well – that’s good user experience, isn’t it!

Harri Mononen
+358 40 300 2250
Managing Director
Amitec Oy

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