Amitec’s experienced installation team plays a significant role at the YIT-led wastewater treatment plant in Blominmäki, Espoo

Amitec’s installation team works in a cavern excavated in the rock on deep ground in demanding pipeline installation and welding tasks. A state-of-the-art new wastewater treatment plant will be built in Blominmäki, Espoo, under the leadership of YIT. Rock quarrying has already started in 2015 and a total of about 910,000 cubic meters of rock to be mined left the wastewater treatment plant. The actual construction of the treatment plant began in 2018, the treatment plant will spread over an area of ​​about 10 hectares on land.

Amitec joined the project in July 2020. Amitec’s group welds on deep ground e.g. pipes of extra thick diameter (1200mm) and wall thickness (8mm). Our installation team in Blominmäki, Espoo, is led by Mikko Maliniemi. “Blominmäki is a demanding and very interesting project that has required top expertise from our installation team in demanding conditions,” says Mikko Maliniemi. The developer in the project is Helsinki Region Environmental Services (HSY).

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