Amitec’s story began in 1984, when Aimo Kuusisto founded Laitilan Asennus Ky. Through different phases, the company that specialises in industrial equipment installations and maintenance has grown to become Amitec Oy, which employs about 30 people, and it able to respond to a wide range of different industrial needs.

Below is a description of Amitec’s story from when it was founded to the present day. We hope that you too you can be part of this success story in the future. Welcome!

It all started with a village smith

We are living in the 1920s. Aarne Kuusisto had just set up a village blacksmith’s workshop in Laitila. Aarne’s workshop quickly attracted a wide customer base and his reputation as a skilled and hard-working blacksmith spread rapidly beyond the boundaries of the parish. Aarne’s diligence and blacksmith skills were also admired by a beautiful young girl called Hanna, and  soon Aarne’s and Hanna’s wedding was being celebrated.

The war years changed everything

The family grew rapidly with five children, and so also Aimo was born in 1930. Years went by in serenity as Aimo grew, until fate stepped in and the war years began. Aarne  received a call to the frontline, and Hanna had to manage alone with the children.

Aarne was seriously wounded and ended up in a war hospital. The family suffered from an even greater tragedy, when Hanna and the child, Aarre, died of pneumonia during the last years of the war, when Aimo was only 11 years old.

From boy to man

The war ended and Aarne returned as a village blacksmith. The death of his mother caused  Aimo to grow up at a very early age. So he left to travel the world and work at docks in order to earn a living. Aimo didn’t stay away from his home village, as Laitila increasingly attracted him to return. In the end, Aimo decided to follow his father’s footsteps and became a village blacksmith.

At the end of the 1960s, there was less work for blacksmiths, and there was no longer enough work in his home village. This forced Aimo to find work elsewhere and as a result of various coincidences he ended up as an Installation Manager at Valio.

In 1984 Laitilan Asennus Ky was founded, and which later formed in to the current Amitec. As an interesting detail, it is worth mentioning that Aimo’s father, Aarne, kept his blacksmith workshop up and running until 1977. This reflects the uncompromising attitude, diligence and hard work, which has always been a characteristic of the Kuusisto family – In the past, now and in the future.