Laitila residents Martelius Exhaust Oy and Amitec Oy aim to cooperate

Two companies operating in Laitila, Finland found a common tone with the help of motorsports.

Martelius-Exhaust Oy is widely known for exhaust manifolds, special exhaust pipes, pipe handling and noice killing technology. They already have more than 30 years of experience in the above products.Martelius manufactures application-optimized solutions for all applications, from motorsports, street cars and motorcycles, museum vehicles and demanding professional use. In addition to its own production, Martelius acts as an importer of several high-quality special exhaust pipe brands and supplies. As operations have expanded, new products such as turbo superchargers, ceramic coatings, safety arches and catalysts have also been added.

Amitec Oy is a multi-expert in stainless steel processing and our workshop in Laitila has mm. an automatic Macri CNC pipe bending machine, which will be used in the future to form part of the special exhaust pipes and piping parts manufactured by Martelius Exhaust.

Martelius had a need for additional capacity in pipe bending, and we at Amitec again had machine time available, at the moment“, says Tommi Wirtanen, Sales Manager at Amitec Oy. “I already knew Markus Martelius through motorsports and one thing led to another, so we can offer Martelius additional capacity for pipe bending and one added value for both companies is that the offices are located close to each other“, Wirtanen continues.