Success Stories

Success Stories

Amitec Oy has implemented several successful and challenging projects for Finland’s leading industrial companies and construction industry players in Finland and abroad. Here are some of these projects that came to mind.  Hopefully in the future we can also add your company and project to the growing number of these success stories.

Case: Blominmäki, an underground wastewater treatment plant

Background Information:

  • Implementation years: 2018-2022
  • Location: Espoo, Finland
  • Type of assignment: Installation of demanding piping components and welding work, deep underground, as part of a new wastewater treatment plant.
  • Services provided: Installation of special steel pipes and welding works, work planning and installation team management.

Starting point
A completely new wastewater treatment plant will be built in Blominmäki, Espoo, spreading over an area of ​​more than 10 hectares.

The builder at the Blominmäki wastewater treatment plant is HSY, ie the environmental services of the Helsinki region, and YIT is responsible for the implementation of the project as a project management contract, Amitec Oy operates as one of YIT’s subcontractors at the site. YIT has started work on the site already in autumn 2015 with the excavation of tunnels, which has continued until the beginning of 2018, and approximately 910,000 cubic meters of rock have been excavated in Blominmäki. The actual construction work of the wastewater treatment plant started in the spring of 2018. Amitec’s installation team started work on the site in the summer of 2020. an underground assembly, installation and welding contract for a very demanding and exceptionally large pipeline, and work in Blominmäki at the time of writing is still ongoing.

Solutions and implementation
Moving and aligning demanding and particularly large and heavy piping was challenging in underground corridors, but our installation team developed a solution for moving and positioning the pipes using guide rails and the installation and welding work was progressed on schedule. Positive feedback was received from YIT on this innovation.

Follow the success story of Amitec’s contract progress in Blominmäki on our website at /references/success-stories/

Please remember also that Amitec has strong expertise in subcontracting, installation work, industrial service and maintenance challenges, when you need to have an experienced, competent and innovative operator, contact our sales team

Case: Teerenpeli Distillery

Background Information:

  • Year of implementation: 2016
  • Location: Lahti, Finland
  • Project Type: Process pipelines for whisky distillery
  • Services offered: Design, production, delivery, installation and user training of process pipelines

Teerenpeli whisky distillery was earlier located under the Teerenpeli restaurant in the centre of Lahti. The aim of the customer was to increase the distilling capacity substantially and build another distillery in a more spacious facility designed specifically for that purpose. At the same time it was possible to combine the brewing and distilling functions into the same location. The project was already planned and three big distilling pots already ordered from Scotland when Amitec was assigned to execute. In addition to building a well-functioning and modern distillery the aim was to create a presentable space for future visitors.

Having already been a customer, Teerenpeli was used to Amitec’s professional and flexible service and fast response times. This was also a crucial reason for Amitec being trusted with this project. Amitec designed and executed the turnkey process pipeline project as defined. An additional task was to haul the distilling pots delivered to the site to their final position. As the original designers had no experience of such a facility, Amitec had to make changes to the design based on its experience and creative solutions. In addition, an experienced foreman was assigned to the site. The project took three months and there was a team of 8 to 10 workers on site.

According to Teerenpeli, Amitec showed professionalism and good co-operation during the whole execution of the project. Regular meetings on-site and fast reactions to deviations guaranteed a hand over of the project on scope, in time and on budget. The Teerenpeli distillery is unique in Finland and the increased production capacity in an up-to-date modern facility has drawn a lot of positive attention and publicity. What’s more, it has enabled a positive business development.

Case: ArlaFoods

Background Information:

  • Year of implementation: 2010-2015
  • Location: Aylesbury, England
  • Project Type: Trolley handling and filling system with control systems
  • Services offered: Design, production, delivery, installation, user training

In the future, a billion litres of fresh milk will be packaged annually at ArlaFoods’s new dairy in Aylesbury, Great Britain. A transport and filling system was needed that would carry out the inspection of empty trolleys and the transfer to production, the loading of milk bottles to the trolleys, as well as the transfer of full trolleys to the cold storage. Sustainable development was wanted to be invested in, which has meant strict requirements for the equipment’s energy efficiency. The goal is a carbon-neutral plant, which also does not produce any landfill waste. Advanced techniques are used in the building, and the production process utilizes the latest technology and renewable energy.

Amitec has designed and implemented the dairy’s trolley handling system, which preassembles and inspects all the trolleys. Thereafter, the trolleys are washed and transferred to the packaging hall, where they are automatically filled with plastic milk bottles. After the filling, the system automatically closes the trolley doors and moves them on to the cold storage where they are pre-grouped and ready to be automatically collected by the collector trolley. The solutions are energy efficient, when pneumatics are replaced with servo-controls. A new kind of solution was also chosen for the trolley washing phase. Aylesbury trolleys are washed at low temperatures, and the water is recycled through drum filters.

The system comprises of four robot assembly set ups, four inspection set ups and washing machines, as well as 16 trolley packers with transfer and grouping units. The system has conveyors that stretch over a kilometre.

Case: Hartwall

Background Information:

  • Year of implementation: Ended 2019
  • Location: Finland
  • Project Type: Service and Maintenance
  • Services offered: Mechanical maintenance tasks

Hartwall decided to centralize the outsourced mechanical maintenance tasks to a long-term partner – Amitec.

The purpose of centralisation is a broader, deeper cooperation. The agreement aims to develop a comprehensive implementation of maintenance, while allowing cost-efficiency. Amitec sets up an office in Lahti, from where operation and maintenance works are carried out. Centralisation is implemented from the beverage production.

We centralise our outsourced maintenance primarily to one company, which has a deep understanding of us. Amitec is our long-term partner. We chose them to build a broader cooperation with us, as we value Amitec’s planning abilities and transparency “says Hartwall’s production manager Tomas Lindfors.